At ASA Foods, every product and service we offer is filled with passion, immeasurable value, and an abundance of family history beginning with our Grandfather Lam in the early 1900s. He sold drinks from a mobile cart, along the busy streets of his hometown in Vietnam, where he developed a highly refined palate and a skill for pronouncing the vibrant and pure flavors from fresh fruit and herbs. The legacy has continued for generations, and between owning multiple restaurants and founding ASA Foods, our family has a long history in Asian foodservice and distribution.

Our background and experience enables us to anticipate your needs and source the products essential to not only sustain but also grow and expand your business. We have created a solution to the challenges of entering the foodservice industry.

Pairing our lineage of food and beverage mastery with the exclusive distributorship and knowhow of modern equipment, we possess a wealth of knowledge. Our family heirloom translates into your greatest resource.

Born from a lineage of chefs, our innate roots allow us to share our client’s joy and challenges for food service. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality food and beverage products, latest equipment, and expert consultation to move your business forward by being your primary and complete supplier.


What We Offer



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